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How to Use

  • Scan Receipt
  • Earn STAR$

  • Scan Receipt

    • Step 1:  Check if your receipt is longer than the sample shown on the left (29cm)
    • Step 2:  If it is longer, fold the receipt so that it measures less than 29cm long
    • Step 3:  Ensure that the following information can be seen clearly

    • A. Place of Purchase
    • - Mall Name
    • - Shop Name & Unit Number

    • B. Payment Mode
    • - Sub-total
    • - Total
    • - Payment Details

    • C. Receipt Details
    • - Sub-total
    • - Receipt / Transaction / Tax Invoice Number
    • - Receipt Date & Time

  • Earn STAR$


    All Retailers
    (Includes Dental and Medical)
    STAR$* RM30 = 30 STAR$

    STAR$ are awarded based on net amount spent on the receipt(s), with a minimum of RM30 per receipt.Receipt(s) must be submitted no later than the next day of purchase as of receipt date to be eligible for STAR$. Dental and Medical receipts are also accepted.

    *You can accumulate up to a maximum of 1,500 STAR$ a day